The current pandemic situation around the world has impacted world economics significantly, the securities markets are sinking and real estate sector too seems to be affected by the situation. The demand for commercial spaces seems to be deteriorated due to the current work from home scenario, some predictors are foreseeing this as the new norm.

But, this is not the future reality, it is just the viewpoint expressed by some without much factual information to back these assumptions. Infact, the current market trend shows that interest in the real estate market has spiked, investors are looking for stable investment options which can fetch them considerable returns in the long run as compared to the highly volatile stock market. Given the circle rate of commercial property in Greater Noida and the market valuation of property is a clear indicator of the trend in real estate market.

Most investors are considering commercial properties, as they tend to give a higher return on long term investment in terms of market valuation as well as generate substantial regular income in the form of rent.

Commercial property in Greater Noida West such as Golden I West also provide assured rentals which further reduces investors’ risk and gives them the confidence to invest in commercial property.

Big market observers are predicting considerable growth in the real estate market as RBI in bid to boost the real estate sector has reduced the reserve repo rate from 4% to 3.75% which has resulted in reduced interest on loans. The RBI has also extended similar benefits to NBFCs, which provide loans to real estate companies which will reduce the cost of projects and who in turn can interest buyers with reduced prices. Provisions to defer loans for up to 1 year for commercial real asset class loans, also allows developers to deliver projects on time without an increased cost and it will surely spur the demand in the real estate market.

People citing work from home as the new norm must acknowledge the fact that organizations are dealing with reduced productivity and lack of coordination due to this format. Considering the work from home option as permanent will add up to the cost of business which will need to reorganize their infrastructure, which surely will impact their decisions to return to physical office spaces though in a phased manner. Apart from that, major chunk of the IT workforce are millennials who find it difficult to work in isolated environments and are surely looking forward on returning to the normal work environment.

The real estate sector is looking forward to major investments from NRIs as the rupee is suffering reduced valuation and there has been a rise in interest from the offshore investors to cash on in the current market situation. The low commercial property rates in Greater Noida West is also attracting the attention of major domestic and international investors.

The real-estate sector has emerged as a safer investment option in comparison to the other volatile sectors and with the reduced cost of acquisition, it is the best investment option currently. Apart from that, the Indian real estate market has not witnessed any major reduction in the value of properties, so over the period of time, it will surely provide a handsome return on investment.

It can be said convulsively that despite the seemingly gloomy market situation in other sectors comparatively the  Real-estate sector will not only bounce back with vigor but rather boom in the coming years, especially the commercial property in Greater Noida West which is emerging as the largest retail and business in the Delhi NCR region.