India in recent times is emerging as the start-up capital of the world. Govt. is also pushing its initiative to boost the “make in India” campaignthrough its policies. Time and again we too have heard the news of start-ups getting funded and going into the big leagues. But, in order to get big, you need to start somewhere, for that you need recourses, first and foremost among them is an office space.

Now, you don’t have to get inspired in a wrong way from success stories of IT giants who started their journey in Garages and start seeking out someone’s basement or a garage to start your IT venture. The real estate industry has realized the need and potential for the small co-working and lockable IT office spaces that offer you all the amenities that you would need to set-up your office and pursue your dream venture.

These office spaces offer great amenities like high-speed data connections, 100% power backup, CCTV surveillance, etc. and are highly affordable for start-ups. Usually setting up an independent office requires leasing cost, advance deposits, customized furnishing, maintenance cost, etc. these constitute a minimum of 10-15 percent of the actual operating cost for most businesses and start-ups. Small Office spaces help businesses and start-ups to cut back on these costs significantly and get the same or sometimes even better amenities than they could have afforded with other office space options. These spaces also provide an environment where small businesses can get opportunities to collaborate and attract investors.

Though co-working and lockable office spaces seem to offer similar convenience,  the lockable have an advantage over co-working spaces, the common problems that arise with co-working set-up are high chances of interruptions, dilution of identity, limited customization and above all security issues. Lockable office spaces provide resolution to these problems and gives the advantage to profit from the sale of space at higher value or can be used as security to raise funds which are not available in co-working spaces.

Golden I is one such project that is offering office spaces of varied sizes with ultra-modern amenities at an affordable cost. The project is located amidst the IT zone in Greater Noida West which is the upcoming IT hub with top MNCs from around the world.

The project is conceived as the largest retail and business hub of greater Noida west and houses Office-Cum-Retail Shops, IT Office Spaces, Corporate Suites, High Street shops, etc. It is the most suitable environment to start your venture.

Office spaces are located in centrally air-condition low rise buildings havinga climatically sealed structure with double insulated glass and natural light settings. These features help you cut back on your power consumption and help make your contribution towards a sustainable future.

The project is located at the crossroads of 650-meter wide road just minutes away from major highways and a short drive away from the upcoming Jewar International Airport apart from that project is just walking distance away from Metro Stations. This unprecedented connectivity will help you attract a suitable talent for your business, who consider the accessibility to the office while deciding their employment choices.

The project is conceptualized keeping the security of occupants in mind and is equipped with modern equipments such as 24 hour CCTV Security Surveillance, Modern Fire Detection Systems, BMS System, etc. so that you can keep your focus on your dreams rather than on security. The project has high-speed elevators that make your office space easily accessible. The surroundings include a green zone and open area with recreational facilities having food courts etc.

The project is the golden combination of quality, accessibility, security, and affordability. It offers opportunities not only for start-ups and business owners, it is also a great investment opportunity for investors to realize high returns on their investment.