Acquire The Best Office In Greater Noida West

Functionality means everything when it comes to office space. In real estate, functionality means different requirements for everyone. While some may connect functionality with large floor spaces, others would want integration of the latest technology. 

At Golden I, you will find everything you are looking for. We offer a wide range of lockable offices that will not only offer you functionality but luxury and comfort as well. 

Located at the prime location of Greater Noida West, you will get a premium office at the heart of the business hub. Since it offers the best connectivity to all major places, you won’t have to worry about transportation and travel expenses. 

The grand entrance with wide gates will allow you to bring your own setup and make your office space even more personalized. The wide gates and entrance will be enough to get your office set up into the building and start working. 

The building features high-speed lifts, which will be an added bonus for all the employees working in the facility. These lifts are placed strategically in the building and are easily accessible to all the employees of the building. These high-speed lifts will save your and your employee’s time and efforts. 

The building features 8 ft wide corridors that will give you ample space to walk and help in setting up the office as well. These corridors will offer complete convenience and will help you navigate your way around the building. In addition to corridors, you will also get 5 ft balconies where you can stand and unwind and relax for a couple of minutes. 

The offices in Greater Noida West also feature a 24 hours CCTV surveillance system that will provide you and your employee’s maximum security. You can track who enters and exits your office space and maintain complete security and privacy. This added protection will help your employees at ease and help them work without any worry. 

You will also get complete fire protection in these offices as well. The building features world-class fire protection systems that will alert inhabitants even in the case of small fires. This will allow you to keep your employees and staff protected by fire and ensure their safety against any fire hazard. 

In addition, to complete safety, you also get a 100% power backup. The inverters will kick in as soon as the power is lost and have the ability to back up your office for 24 hours. Thus, you will not have to worry about losing precious hours and work due to power loss. This will help you keep your business running in most adverse power loss scenarios. 

The complete access to high street shopping and an F&B center is an added bonus that your employees will love. Golden I is the budding project that will soon become an established center of premium offices. Take advantage of the opportunity and book your slot to take possession of the most premium and luxury offices in Greater Noida West.